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The web has the most incredible ability to change fortunes
on a scale never before seen in business ...
Yet, the vast majority of websites are glorified brochures
gathering cyberdust online ...
Visitors are rare, don’t stay long
and hardly ever make an enquiry or spend any money...

Join us in this ONLINE workshop that you can do in your own time,
at your own pace, and learn:

How to harness the TRUE POTENTIAL of the Web
to increase demand for your products & services ...

"WOW! Didn’t think I would learn so much.
All I knew until now was extreme frustration
in trying to develop a website strategy which made sense.
I’ve never understood the point of having a website
which only serves the purpose of an online brochure.
Not knowing exactly what to expect, I approached the ZA website course
with relative caution. After completing the course I can finally say
that all my questions have been answered.
This workshop is ... one of the most beneficial things I have done
since incorporating Sight Lifestyle Magazine.
I now know what should be expected and demanded from those
developing our new website. I am also now armed with the knowledge of
how the site should be designed and managed
to drive traffic to it and what strategies should be implemented to ensure
that we get to do business with as many of the visitors as possible."
— Grant Brazer, Publisher, Sight Lifestyle Magazine

"No nonsense educational information.
Great value ... way above other workshops about the web."
— Chris Kotze, Web Developer, MV Communications

"I have spent countless hours on our current website without knowing
if we are really on the right track.
This workshop was phenomenal ... I now clearly see what needs to be done ...
I would definitely recommend it for any Marketing Manager ...
I still don’t do cyber lingo, but I am no longer intimidated by it.
Marketing on the Web is very different from other forms of media.
Theresa understands this and has provided a simple marketing strategy
that can be implemented by any business.
Fabulous for Marketing Managers taking ownership of their websites!"
— Tilani Edwards, Sales & Marketing Manager, Avianto

"Well organised and to-the-point information ...
a "road map" to use in developing an effective website — as a marketing tool."
— Roy Cloete, Director, Re-Imagine Consulting

You will learn:
  • Why most visitors don’t stay on your site for long and never return ... and what to do about it.
  • How to drive traffic to your site and increase your search engine rankings, without paying an arm and a leg for search engine optimization.
  • How to use email for maximum impact, without spamming.
  • What it takes to create a site that generates income.
  • How to practically and cost-effectively integrate the web into your marketing process.
  • And much, much more ...

No complicated, technical information ... just practical tools and street-smart strategies to get your website to work for you. You don’t have to know anything about html to understand what this is all about. And you can move through the information and do the necessary work at your own pace — online.

Who needs this information?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, graphic designers, copywriters and web developers.

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • Lifetime access to an interactive Flash presentation of the workshop — complete with live links to various resources you may need to do business online.
  • E-mail notification of any updates to keep you abreast of the latest developments and inform you of new resources in the ever-changing world of e-business.
  • Access to discounted professional resources and services such as books, reports, copywriting, graphic design, website development, etc. to help improve the performance of your business, online and off.

Price: R 495 including VAT.
The alternative is to continue paying, month after month, year after year,
for a domain and a site that has no measurable impact on your business.
The choice is yours.

Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer OR by credit card.

We can tell you with absolute confidence that if you make an honest effort to implement what you learn in this workshop, you will generate much more in profits than the cost of the workshop.

Questions? Call our helpdesk on 0860 92 0000 or email us at

About the Author

Click here to find our more about Therésa Müller, workshop author, facilitator and CEO of ZA Group.

ZA Group was founded with a firm commitment to making a significant, positive contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of all South Africans. We harness the power of communication to empower people and institutions to grow their businesses, generate employment and create wealth for themselves and their communities.

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Testimonials: Web workshop

"Brilliant! Gives excellent
information and practical
guidelines that can benefit
attendees from large corporations
or one-man shows."
— Mieke Cimma, Business Development, CRS Technologies

"Invaluable! Any questions you have with regard to what a website is about, will be specifically sorted out / answered ... Excellent, clear and informative!"
— Eloise Wright, Marketing, GB Packaging cc

"I simply can’t wait to change my website ... A real eye-opener to e-business"
— Martin Hayward, Director, Ikonic Real Estate (Pty) Ltd

"Mind boggling, the opportunities that come to mind ... a must for anyone even remotely interested in business."
— Neil Wayland, Owner, Fort Richmond Safaris

"Very informative for web / marketing people looking at boosting the overall performance of their website."
— Justin Gieselbach, Web Developer, MV Communications

"Great way to use your web to generate income / market your services."
— Dina Cramer, Owner, Wellness at Work

"Valuable, relevant, informative. Lots of insights — particularly for those not familiar with online marketing principles."
— Greg Hutcheon, Area Manager and Forum Administrator, Keizin Automotive (Pty) Ltd

"Well thought-through and professionally presented ... worthwhile to do before you embark on the process."
— Melanie Kidson, M.D. Kidson Marketing Communications

"New ideas and tools ... to generate sales. I now know what to do and focus on and what is a waste of time. Exceeded my expectations."
— Nikolas J. Hoffmann, COO, Afribarter Bank

"Very interesting and stimulating ... loads of information and ideas on how to upgrade our own website to increase interest and sales. DO THIS BEFORE you start developing your own website."
— Ellen Rocher, Coowner, Goji Health

"It gives both basic and specific information for people who are already in the know, as well as for those who aren’t."
— Nicci Colussi, Marketing Manager, Cape Quarter

"Do it before building a website ... before starting a marketing plan."
— Gary Pentland- Smith, Director, Sundown Manor

"Extremely helpful, relevant, interesting and inspiring ... and so simple! It really opened my eyes and mind to online advertising ... an entirely different view on the web."
— Jenny Harwin, Buttonquail Nature Reserve

"Excellent. Really opened my eyes ... connected a lot of dots for me."
— Anja Van Karlinger, Owner, Red Sun

Strategic Marketing and Communications for Change