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"Over many years of creating marketing plans and communications materials
for businesses of every shape and size, it has become clear to me that
entrepreneurs, business owners and (believe it or not) marketing professionals,
all have one, common, critical marketing need: the need for a tailor-made
marketing strategy designed to produce measurable responses
that result in sales for their particular business.

That's why I created a comprehensive and affordable "crash course"
that will not only teach you how to create marketing messages
guaranteed to get the phone ringing and bodies through the door ...
but that provides the process you need to engage in
to develop a workable marketing strategy for your business."
— Therésa Müller, CEO, ZA Group (Pty) Ltd

Join me in this fast-paced, highly interactive, one-day workshop, titled

Marketing and Advertising DEMYSTIFIED

In this workshop You will:
  • Learn how to get your message to a particular target audience in a way that will make them sit up, pay attention and take action — regardless of whether the medium carrying the message is a corrugated board on the side of the road, direct mail letters or television advertising.
  • Learn how to identify your most lucrative target audience ...
  • Gain an intimate understanding of why your audience would want what you have to offer ... along with an ability to persuade them to take action towards acquiring it ...
  • Find out what makes the difference between advertising that pays for itself ... and advertising that does little more than drain your financial resources ...
  • Get the tools you need to create — or direct the creation of — highly effective advertising, guaranteed to generate business for your business … no matter what line of business you're in.
  • Find out where to place your advertising for maximum impact and results ...
  • Learn how to test if your advertising is working ...

A great opportunity to network with and learn from other business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals from small, medium and large enterprises.

"Very professional, helpful and insightful.
In a very short time you will get a deep understanding
of the fundamentals required to construct effective advertising."
— Ceri James, Director, JD Consulting

"Demystified the marketing process ... I now have a clearer idea
of how to focus on marketing my product. I have practical tools
I can use. I have the basis for an ad campaign.
I have a useful booklet to guide me ...
A useful, worthwhile and productive experience."
— Mandy Triaca, Marketing Manager, Michael Mount Waldorf School

No complicated theories, no textbook digressions ... just:
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Real life case studies
  • Practical tools
  • Proven techniques
  • Street-smart strategies

Yours to use, immediately, to generate positive results for your business.

You’ll not just be told what to do ... you’ll actually do it ... so,
bring your notebook and prepare to do some serious brainstorming
about marketing your business.

"Very, very informative. Very practical.
Produces the results of the lesson right in front of your eyes ...
this is knowledge one can actually use."
— Reggie Moiloa, Graphic designer

This workshop is intended for business owners,
entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.
Equally useful for large and small organisations.

"Every business should do it."
— Chamilla Sanua, Owner, Weleda Pharmacies

Workshop Schedule & Costing Information


Subsidised public workshops are held at the Skills Village on Frere Road in Johannesburg on the last Thursday of every month. If that date falls on a public holiday, the workshop will be held on the preceding Thursday. These workshops are made available at a reduced price to non-profit organisations, cooperatives and qualifying small businesses.

Time: 8 am to 5 pm
Place: The Skills Village, 106 Frere Road, Bez Valley. (Directions will be sent with booking confirmation.)
Price: R2 995 per person (VAT included)


Public and corporate in-house workshops are scheduled on demand.

Time: 8 am to 5 pm
Place: To be announced anywhere in South Africa
Price: R3 500 per person (Excluding VAT)

This is a drop in the ocean compared to what you’re going to waste on ineffective marketing if you don’t find out how to do it properly. Can you afford not to attend?

"Professional. Helpful. Informative. Completely worth the money."
— Michelle Rabie, Dilicom Language & Communication

"Really opened my eyes to the amount of money
I have wasted on advertising in the past."
— Cheryl Sambaza, Owner, Alexander’s Restaurant, Harare

  • More than one delegate from the same organisation entitles subsequent delegates to a 10% discount.
  • Pay 14 days in advance to qualify for a 5% early bird discount on the total due!
  • Click here to download a booking form.
  • Or call 0860 92 0000 or email us to find out the status of filling the next workshop.

"A monetary and intellectual investment that will yield returns
for many years to come."
— Ernest De Jong, Owner, Bluejeans IT Solutions

Questions? Call our help desk on 0860 92 0000 or email us here

  • A valuable course-manual with step-by-step guidance and exercises.
  • Lunch, tea and coffee.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • A valuable, one-on-one, post-workshop consultation valued at R1 200.
  • A 10% discount on professional graphic design and writing for any medium — be it website, a printed brochure, logo design or radio, TV or print advertising — if you complete a post-workshop survey.
  • A complimentary copy of "10 Ways to Write More Effective Advertising".

"Very good. The whole experience!"
— Abe Ndlovu, Managing Director, ANS Business Consulting


We can tell you with absolute confidence that if you make an honest effort to implement what you learn in this workshop, you will generate much more in profits than the cost of the workshop. However, we don’t want to benefit from you if you do not receive benefit from the workshop. For that reason we will refund 100% of the workshop fee if claimed by mid-day on the day of the workshop.

About the author / facilitator

Click here to find our more about Therésa Müller, workshop author, facilitator and CEO of ZA Group.

ZA Group was founded with a firm commitment to making a significant, positive contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of all South Africans. We harness the power of communication to empower people and institutions to grow their businesses, generate employment and create wealth for themselves and their communities.

Site conceptualised, written and designed by the ZA Team.

Client Testimonials:

"Absolutely, unbelievably great! Practical, to the point, well researched, experienced, enthusiastic ... very professional. Proof that nothing beats experience."
— Professor Tommy Du Plessis, Director: Potchefstroom Business School, North-West University

"Of the highest quality and standard, yet simple and concise."
— Nagreena Khan

"This workshop is worthwhile, comprehensive, informative, useful and mostly: understandable."
— Alina Mlotshwa, Chez- Alina

"I manage a six figure annual marketing budget with a very narrow margin for error ... Every time I place an advert, my neck is on the line so, as you can imagine, I am motivated by results rather than the BS associated with much of the marketing and advertising world. What I got from your workshop was simple, clear, practical and applicable ... and illuminated the marketing process for me. Thanks to the manual, I continue to implement your advice and it continues to generate positive results for my business. Highly recommended."
— Stephen Anthony Farah, Marketing & Operations Director, Andromeda Mobile Solutions

"Helped me think strategically about how to successfully reach out to target audiences ... very informative and certainly applicable and useful! Absolutely a must for any person who sells a product or service."
— Bonaventura Hinda, Commercial Counsellor, Namibian High Commission

"Fantastic. A professional, hands-on, caring approach ... a most definite take-off point for any business dreaming to fly."
— Mike Adendorf, Member, Box Office Computers

"Exceptional and excellent ... Today's workshop totally exceeded my expectations. I now know what is required of me when advertising my product."
— Alfred Sibeno, Principal Estate Agent, Inkazimulo

"An intense advertising ‘brainstorming' event. Worth every penny spent."
— Anton Coetzee, Managing Member, Spirotek cc

"It is well structured and very informative. Instead of sitting back and listening to a lecturer, one gets challenged to write and create one's own material. A no-nonsense approach to advertising."
— Wanda Henning, Marketing Communications Manager, ERWAT

"I now have the know-how to produce advertising that will sell."
— Brenda Dooge, Kloofzicht Lodge

"Awesome! Gets you thinking and inspired. Incredibly important for anyone involved in business, including CEOs and bosses. A must-do workshop!"
— Maryke Boekee, Owner, Nyiketani Clothing Enterprises

"WOW! Really helpful. This workshop is an absolute essential for any new or small business that does not know how to approach marketing."
— Jeannine de Swart, Partner, JM CPR Training

"Well constructed ... can immediately be put into practice ... a must for all advertising / marketing personnel to ensure that current or future campaigns are effective."
— Peter Enslin, Marketing General Manager, Océ South Africa

"Valuable information. Step-by-step growing of an understanding. Very professionally conducted! Necessary for all businesses to improve marketing efforts and save money."
— Liezl Van der Westhuizen, Operations Manager, Continuing Education for Africa

"Innovative, fun, informative, useful and seriously worth it. Highlights: brainstorming, listening to others, personal assistance. Really made me aware of what needs to be included to produce "lucrative" marketing."
— Danette Payne, Brand Manager, Spur Group

"Very worthwhile. Comprehensive information. Expert guidance ... opened my eyes to possibilities ..."
— Anthony Cohen, IPop Bus Cinema

"Fabulous ... outcomes oriented."
— Phadime Tjibane, Owner, Tjibane Optometrists

"Excellent. Practical. Applicable. Constructive and structured methodology. Focus on application. Hugely valuable in establishing the role of marketing in business success."
— Susheila Moodly, Managing Director, The Facilitation Workshop

"What a fantastic experience! I have just calculated that my loss the previous 12 months amounts to +- R240 000. Never again! Great ideas on how to go from here. Changed my viewpoint on advertising completely. My advice: go ASAP. You will save money and your business will grow."
— Martin Hayward, MD, Iconic Real Estate

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Strategic Marketing and Communications for Change