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A socially responsible, income-generating JV Programme

Why do businesses join Chambers of Commerce?
To gain credibility and status and to enhance their own image.
To network and connect with other businesses
for mutual growth and profit.
To get assistance and information that will allow them
to achieve their full potential.
To survive difficult times and to thrive in good times.

ZA Group has an offer that will do all of the above, plus:
Show your members how to generate demand for their offerings — even in tough times.
Generate income for your Chamber.
Ensure continued support for, and membership to, your Chamber.


Then we would like to propose a joint venture to present a results-driven, practical, one day workshop entitled:

How to create advertising GUARANTEED to generate business for your business.

In this workshop entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals will:
  • Learn how to get their message to a particular target audience in a way that will make them sit up, pay attention and take action — regardless of whether the medium carrying the message is a corrugated board on the side of the road, direct mail letters or television advertising.
  • Learn how to identify their most lucrative target audience ...
  • Gain an intimate understanding of why their audiences would want what they have to offer ... along with an ability to persuade them to take action towards acquiring it ...
  • Find out what makes the difference between advertising that pays for itself ... and advertising that does little more than drain financial resources ...
  • Get the tools needed to create — or direct the creation of — highly effective advertising, guaranteed to generate business ...
  • Find out where to place their advertising for maximum impact and results ...
  • Learn how to test if their advertising is working ...
  • Experience an unprecedented opportunity for meaningful networking ... and much, much more.

In addition, delegates can book a free one hour face-to-face consultation with the workshop presenter — valued at R1 250 — at no extra cost. Bookings will be taken on a first-come, first served basis for the day immediately following the workshop.

For more information about the workshop and what delegates say about it, please go to the advertising workshop. For a small sampling of testimonials from delegates who attended complimentary workshops, please refer to the column on the right.

Our iron-clad money-back guarantee:

If any delegate feels that he / she is not receiving benefit from the workshop, we will refund 100% of the registration fee — if claimed by mid-day on the day of the workshop.

What does the Chamber gain from this joint venture?

Other than making valuable information that will make a material difference available to your members, the Chamber gets:

  • 50% of the workshop profits — that is after travel, accommodation and the cost of printing all manuals for the venture have been deducted.
  • A social responsibility opportunity: We will teach the same workshop at no additional cost to struggling businesses in your community — on the day following the paid workshop. These delegates do not have to be Chamber members, but we respectfully request that you give historically disadvantaged business owners at least 50% of available seats.
  • An opportunity to enroll new members by tying this promotion to a membership drive. We will write and design all the tools you will need to run the promotion:
    • An email campaign consisting of three electronic advertisements to be sent by the Chamber.
    • A registration form in PDF format for print or email delivery.
    • 50 printed DL-sized brochures with a loose registration form insert.
    • A PDF ad for print publication – for placement by the Chamber.
    • A PDF flyer to be printed by the Chamber.
    • A PDF poster to be printed by the Chamber.
    • Templates for follow-up communication, e.g. acknowledgement of receipt of payment, booking confirmation, etc. if required.
The Chamber’s responsibilities:
  • Get together a group of a minimum of 20 (and no more than 40) delegates for each day’s workshop.
  • Supply — and cover the costs of — a venue and catering for each workshop.

Workshop price: R1 995 per (paying) delegate (VAT included)

Recommendations from other Chambers:

ZA Training has partnered with the Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ROCCI) and British American Tobacco for the past couple of years to present the same workshop to SMME members of the Roodepoort and Dobsonville / Soweto Chambers of Commerce — with great success. Here is what ROCCI management have to say about the workshop:

"ROCCI is sincerely thankful to ZA Group for taking the initiative to lead the marketing segment of our SMME Training Program. We regard the advertising workshop as one of our flagship training offerings in the SMME Training Program ... it is normally fully booked with a waiting list for the next one! The course material is outstanding, its presentation is professional and the manual that each delegate receives is invaluable. Every SMME delegate has been "wowed" by the workshop and can attest to the huge impact that their new knowledge has had on the growth and sustainability of their business. We happily recommend this workshop to other Chambers of Commerce and their members."
— Sakkie Stoltz, Vice President & SMME Training Program Project Director, Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ROCCI)

"Hugely helpful and thorough. Our SMME delegates get great value out of attending as the course material is professionally presented, but with a personal touch that allows for individual attention. The follow up consultation with a marketing expert is also invaluable ... it is virtually impossible for any individual attending not to benefit from what they learn during the process."
— Letitia Stalker, Manager, ROCCI

"This workshop is the best thing that could have happened to SECOB."
— Anita Mulder, CEO, Southern Ekurhuleni Chamber of Business

Note: While we volunteer our time and expertise to teach SMMEs who would not otherwise be able to access this information, the workshop itself is appropriate for elementary to highly sophisticated audiences — even in the same room — because the material engages each delegate at their own level. In our experience and even though the information is fairly sophisticated, all that is required is a vested interest in the wellbeing of their own business, not a high literacy level. For this reason, the workshop is aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals. It is not appropriate for secretaries or casual sales-people.

In summary, this is the offer:

Organise a workshop for a minimum of 20 (and no more than 40) delegates for each day’s workshop, and provide the venue and catering, and you will get:

  • 50% of the profits.
  • An extra workshop, free of charge, for local businesses that cannot afford to pay.
  • Creative writing and graphic design of the materials you need to run a membership drive.
  • A day of free one-on-one consultations with delegates from each workshop — ensuring that the information is understood and put to use.

Questions? Call our helpdesk at 0860 92 0000 or write to use at Otherwise, complete the form below to start a tentative conversation and get a copy of our standard Joint Venture contract emailed to you. No obligation until you have committed to a date in writing.

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About the author / facilitator

Click here to find our more about Therésa Müller, workshop author, facilitator and CEO of ZA Group.

ZA Group was founded with a firm commitment to making a significant, positive contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of all South Africans. We harness the power of communication to empower people and institutions to grow their businesses, generate employment and create wealth for themselves and their communities.

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Here is what attendees at complimentary workshops had to say:

"Informative, stimulating, practical, empathetic. Focussed questions, gentle encouragement and practicality of the course helped to clear the clutter."
— June Manala, Director, Sediba Tshepo Counselling & Training

"WOW! Really helpful ... an absolute essential for any new or small business that does not know how to approach marketing."
— Jeannine de Swart, Partner, JM CPR Training

"Clear guidelines ... I am now able to communicate with customers using their perspective and knowing how to understand what they want. Learning how to craft an ad was like putting in the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle."
— Thompson Behane, Sales & Admin, Johan’s Leather Creations

"A 100% asset / value to my business."
— Hein Carstens, Owner, Businax Computers

"Worthwhile, informative, comprehensive, useful and mostly: understandable."
— Alina Mlotshwa, Chez- Alina

"Of the highest quality and standard, yet simple and concise."
— Nagreena Khan

"Excellent exposure to the reasoning behind advertising and to the power of words and visual images."
— Jerry Buthelezi, Member, Amakanunu Business Enterprises

"I didn’t know where to focus my business. Now I understand where I must start and where to go."
— Boitumelo Ncube, TLB Catering

"A great eye-opener. It will help me advertise smarter without wasting money."
— Darryl Comley-White, Owner, Dial-Connect.

"Understanding how to talk about your business or go straight to the point on how it works. Opened our minds to go forward with hope of success."
— Joyce Lekwene, Mathole Poverty Alleviation

"My 2nd one: streaks ahead better than the 1st! Exhaustingly detailed, but satisfyingly informative. Highlights: the hands-on examples / walk-thru’s and opportunity to experience others’ thought patterns ... Relevant and real."
— Valerie Smith

"I now know how to improve my business and to make it grow."
— Johannes Nkoana, Nkoana’s Repairs

"I realised that my focus must change from enduser to decision-maker. This might just rejuvenate my business."
— Mariet Groenewald, JM CPR Training

"Explained in a way that all of us could understand and we were not ashamed to ask questions."
— No name given

"WOW. Very interactive, very worthwhile. Everyone should do this."
— Craig Ellis, Member, InSpirit Life Design

"This is a big, important tool for my business ..."
— Violet Matshoga, Director, Nneheng Events Coordination.

"I feel more confident in writing my marketing material ... creating my pamphlet and newspaper ad."
— Maliska Jelliman, Owner, Pay Magic

"Ground-breaking ... the most valuable, informative workshop that I have ever attended."
— Nelson Zenze, Homebiz Group

"Great practical skills learned ... made my business marketing strategy easier. Should be done by every business owner."
— Riaan Janse Van Rensburg, Member, Fiburg

"I am now able to do my own adverts without copying from my competitors."
— Mpo, Tlotlego Promotional Clothing

"Fantastic. A professional, hands-on, caring approach ... a most definite take-off point for any business dreaming to fly."
— Mike Adendorf, Member, Box Office Computers

"Excellent and the facilitator had time for everyone in the lecture room."
— Selebaleng Mthembu, Bramfischerville Farmers

"I plan to use all the skills I acquired to improve my business plan and loan applications."
— Lerato Matshoga, Nneheng Catering & Events Coordination.

"Invaluable for small businesses. Worth putting in a day’s leave from the office."
— Vanessa Chanley, Owner, Duvaney Trading

"Thank you! Thank you! For this excellent course. May God bless you."
— Deogracid Mahopo, Pula Ethele Construction Project.

Click here for more testimonials.

Strategic Marketing and Communications for Change